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Finehope obtained the certification of intellectual property rights.

Finehope obtained the certification of intellectual property rights.

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Recently,FinehopesuccessfullypassedthecertificationofnationalstandardGB/T29490-2013“EnterpriseIntellectualPropertyManagementStandards”andwonthe“IntellectualPropertyManagementSystemCertificate”.  Witht
 Recently, Finehope successfully passed the certification of national standard GB/T29490-2013 “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards” and won the “Intellectual Property Management System Certificate”. 
 With the intensification of competition in domestic and foreign markets, intellectual property has become a core element of market competitiveness.  Enterprises are the main body of independent innovation and they are also the main body of intellectual property creation, application, management and protection.  Improving  the  level of intellectual property management of  enterprises  is an important guarantee for enhancing independent innovation. To this end, based on the original intellectual property management,  Finehope paid close attention to the construction of intellectual property management system and standardization, institutionalization and programming of intellectual property management and finally passed the certification of GB/T29490-2013 “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management” in October 2018 and won the “Intellectual Property Management System Certificate ”. 
The intellectual property management system certificate obtained by Finehope will  help the company to fully implement the intellectual property management policy of “all employees participate, improve intellectual property awareness; innovative development and guarantee the company's transformation and upgrading”. Through the establishment,  implementation,  maintenance and continuous improvement of the system, the IPR work will be further regulated so that to achieve sustainable  development  in the IPR management and to better enhance the market competitiveness of the company.